Free Bitcoin Sites: The Big List

Looking for free bitcoins? Here’s my list of  best paying free Bitcoin sites.


You’ll need a bitcoin wallet to collect your payments.  You can get one at coinbase

  • Spin and Win – Spin the wheel for FREE bitcoins every 15 minutes!

  • Smurf Coin – Free bitcoins every hour.

  • BTC ALOT – Free bitcoins every 30 minutes.

  • Bit Billions – This is a multi-tiered earning site that is worth a sign up. Earn free bitcoins while you sleep!

  • FreeBitcoin – Earn free bitcoins every hour just for filling out a captcha.  Play high/low game to multiply!

  • Money In PJ’s – Free bitcoin rewards every 12 hours

  • BitVisitor – Visit websites for up to 24 ubits each!

  • CoinTasker – Play games, watch videos and do other tasks for bitcoins!

  • LandOfBitCoin– Turn on the faucet and earn bitcoins just for leaving your browser open


What is a bitcoin?  Watch this video:


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2 thoughts on “Free Bitcoin Sites: The Big List

  1. Why is there no talk of other crypto markets? BitCoin value is DOWN 5% today… don’t leave your investments there, instead trade your BTCs for an upcoming crypto market (via cryptsy)…. Smaller markets are going up by 1000% in a day ( I bought Zetacoins (ZET) at $0.02 per coin via cryptsy yesterday and the value today has doubled making me $10k… I’m buying more today due to no sign of slow down and no press for Zetacoins yet so potential for huge returns is sky high, I see them at least $.40 next week. I’d advise you to get some now, or really regret it next week

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