Free Bitcoin Sites: The Big List

Looking for free bitcoins? Here’s my list of  best paying free Bitcoin sites.


You’ll need a bitcoin wallet to collect your payments.  You can get one at coinbase

  • Spin and Win – Spin the wheel for FREE bitcoins every 15 minutes!

  • Smurf Coin – Free bitcoins every hour.

  • BTC ALOT – Free bitcoins every 30 minutes.

  • Bit Billions – This is a multi-tiered earning site that is worth a sign up. Earn free bitcoins while you sleep!

  • FreeBitcoin – Earn free bitcoins every hour just for filling out a captcha.  Play high/low game to multiply!

  • Money In PJ’s – Free bitcoin rewards every 12 hours

  • BitVisitor – Visit websites for up to 24 ubits each!

  • CoinTasker – Play games, watch videos and do other tasks for bitcoins!

  • LandOfBitCoin– Turn on the faucet and earn bitcoins just for leaving your browser open


What is a bitcoin?  Watch this video:


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What is a Bitcoin?

With the rise in digital online transactions, a new currency has been created that eliminates middlemen including the central banks. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that was first launched as open-source software and has since then has risen to be accepted in some avenues as valid to exchange for goods and services. While there was a bit of apprehension in using the Bitcoin at the beginning, perhaps due to the anonymity of the developer who launched, it has since then proven its credibility. The software was also openly published and can be reviewed and modified by other developers for their designated use.

The Bitcoin network is in the form of application or program that has been made for managing rewards earned by the users. The activity is referred to as mining. Basically, users create new Bitcoins and other individuals or companies exchange them as transaction fees. Bitcoins are also sent between users electronically or exchanged for products and services. The transactions are usually recorded in a public ledger. The transactions are safe as each has a personal signature. The technology is not controlled by anyone, per se and is completely decentralized. It is more of a user-controlled program.

The value of Bitcoins has risen considerably since the inception of the idea and the system continues to grow. Some individuals are involved in Bitcoin collection in anticipation of the tremendous value they will be worth in a couple of years. Acquiring the coins has become a popular activity and those who own them sell them for payment through electronic transactions. Businesses are also embracing the use of this cryptocurrency and favoring it over credit card payments.

Why Use Bitcoins?

Bitcoins, unlike any other form of currency, is not subjected to centralized banking which is subjected to a lot of regulations. It is also not owned by any country. This means that transactions across the globe are not only cheap but are done with incredible ease and speed. In buying of goods and services, they are favored especially by small business enterprises over credit cards due to the fees incurred by the latter. Even when a Bitcoin transaction has a fee, it is much smaller than one would have with PayPal or credit cards.

Bitcoins transactions allow the user to have anonymity. Since no banking institution is involved, one can buy without even giving their actual name. This enhances the user’s security. Fear of exposing personal information that predisposes one to financial vulnerability is eliminated. The full control of the operation of a Bitcoin Wallet is the users and therefore, no unwanted charges can be forced upon them. It is also secure for the businesses using them. All Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and the currency is secure. This eliminates the chance of fraud claims falling upon the businesses and costing them legally and financially.

The Cons of Bitcoins

While we are a technologically advanced world, the digital currency is yet to be fully accepted. Without many businesses using the Bitcoin, its value will remain lower than its potential. It is also a relatively new media of exchange so it is yet to stabilize to standard software.


Big Bitcoin Drop Today What Gives?

china-flag-1420617-m[1]Bitcoin has fallen from nearly $1200 to as low as $600 USD in the last 24 hours.  It appears that the Chinese government’s ruling may have something to do with the loss.

It’s important to remember that the Chinese people are still legally allowed to posses and trade bitcoins.  This ruling only banned banks from processing transactions.  Also, with bitcoins popularity catching on in South America and other countries, and the recent research report from Bank of America,  there is no doubt it’s here to stay.

Don’t sweat the communists! Bitcoin is at a serious bargain right now.  Look for big gains in the next couple weeks.  We’re still buying the dips.


Tesla Model S Purchased With Bitcoin

Tesla Model SIt looks like savvy business owners are jumping on the bitcoin bandwagon.    Lamborghini of Newport Beach reported on their blog that they recently sold a Model S Tesla and received payment in bitcoin.

More and more companies are accepting bitcoin as a form of payment.  It’s only a matter of time before BTC goes mainstream.  How high will it go as people start to realize the benefits of owning and transacting with this  new crypto-currency?

Remember only 21 million bitcoins will be released for purchase.  What’s stopping BTC from going sky high once all 21 million have been released?

Vancouver recently opened the first Bitcoin ATM.  How long before we see a major credit card company get on board and we see bitcoin debit cards with Visa or Mastercard logos?
I’m watching BTC prices closely and buying the dips.


Free Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Here is my list of awesome websites that allow you to bet your bitcoins in hopes of winning more.  There are a few poker sites, dice game sites as well as a sports betting site.  Good luck and win a ton!

Kate Poker A poker site that offers free BTC bankroll everyday
BitBook Sports betting site that offers up to 5 free bets everyday! Dice game with free BTC to play every hour
Ice-Dice Dice game.  Follow them on twitter and get .005 BTC to play.

New sites added everyday! Check back frequently.